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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Hot Tips to Reduce MacBook Pro Fan Noise – Business Quick Magazine

MacBooks often run with minimal noise and offer a sublime and rewarding computing experience. Out of nowhere, this can change with a sound like a fan emerging from your slimline device.

So how do you fix it and keep your MacBook’s noise to a minimum? These tips will help.

When Does Your MacBook Fan Kick-in?

The fan may start to sound like a helicopter when it starts to overheat. This can be due to several factors including poor ventilation or running resource-heavy apps. Whenever you can hear your fan it is safe to conclude your device is under stress and performance will suffer.

Improve Ventilation

One reason your MacBook is running slow is that you have placed it on a soft surface such as a duvet. The issue with soft surfaces is that they mould themselves around the device blocking the vents.

If your MacBook can’t vent heat it starts to warm up and performance is affected negatively. The fan is running fast at this point in an effort to preserve the integrity of the device.

One solution is to buy a laptop stand to elevate it off the surface of the duvet. You can still use your MacBook in bed, and it will be able to vent heat accordingly.

Memory and Processing Power

Background apps may well be consuming memory and processing power when there is no earthly reason for them to be running. As such, it is a good idea to close them down freeing up needed resources.

To do this follow these steps.

  • Open Activity Monitor, you’ll find it under Applications > Utilities.
  • Select the CPU tab. You’ll find all of the active tasks and apps displayed. Conveniently they are listed so that the most resource-consuming heavy ones are at the top.
  • If you don’t need them, click the app and the X in the top left of the screen. This will close it and a few resources will be freed.

Conduct a Cooling Fan Test

If your MacBook fans are still running loud you may want to run a diagnostic test to see if they are working as they should be. They may become damaged should your device overheat for a long period of time, as could other parts of your MacBook.

To run Apple Diagnostics follow these steps:

  • Disconnect all of your external devices except the keyboard, mouse, display, and speakers.
  • Restart your MacBook.
  • As your Mac boots hold down the ‘D’ Key until the language list appears.
  • Select your language and Apple Diagnostics will run.

When it has finished running it will give you a list of issues your MacBook is experiencing. Although this won’t fix issues it will give you a base to conduct further investigations.

Restart System Management Controller (SMC) Settings

The SMC is the driver that controls the hardware elements of your MacBook. By resetting this driver you could solve a loud fan issue.

If your Mac uses an Apple T2 security chip do these steps.

  • Shut down.
  • Press and hold Control-Option-Shift for 7 seconds.
  • Keep your fingers on the same keys and press the power button for 7 seconds.
  • Release the keys, wait a few seconds switch on.

If your MacBook does not have an Apple T2 security chip do:

  • Shut Down.
  • Press and hold Control-Option-Shift.
  • Keeping your fingers locked on those keys press the power button and hold all four for 10 seconds.
  • Release and switch on.

Hopefully, these tips will keep your fan noise quiet.


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