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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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4 Reasons Why Your App Needs To Undergo Testing Before Launch – Business Quick Magazine

Building a mobile app for a business can be a worthwhile endeavour. Firms are beginning to understand the importance of having a mobile app for their company. In addition to this, they are starting to notice the advantages it can provide.

There is a reported 6.4 billion smartphone users across the globe in 2021. Comparing the total to the previous year, it is an increase of 5.3%. Compared to half a decade ago, the number of smartphone users has risen a staggering 73.9%. These remarkable statistics reflect how customer engagement has transformed over the years. How businesses interact with their customers now was unimaginable a decade ago.

The vast majority of consumers use their smartphone or a device to access the internet. Whilst some still use a traditional desktop or a laptop to access the internet, the mobile app market is rapidly expanding. With more people switching to smartphones and devices, a rising number of companies are seeing the advantages having an app can have.

If your business has decided to take the plunge and expand its services to an app, here are a few reasons why you should undergo detailed testing beforehand. Many of the reasons will potentially save you from further issues after the app has gone live.

Remove Unnecessary Features

When creating a mobile app, development companies are on a mission to make a full-featured app that its users will adore. This grand goal loosens the reigns, making it easy for those involved to get too distracted and creating an unnecessarily complex app.

During the testing stages for the app, check to see the app does not have too many features. The issue with this is that it will ultimately ruin the user experience. Ensure that it is simple, remove any clutter and include all of the necessary features. Including one too many features on the app might confuse users to the point that they delete the app. Additionally, they could potentially leave a negative review about it.

Protects The Privacy Of Customers

Failure to test a mobile app for security could potentially put both the security and privacy of your customers at risk. Having an app that is not secure will make it vulnerable to others hacking into the system and stealing users’ crucial details.

It is possible to check for potential errors in-house. However, seeking the service from a third-party organization will likely provide a more detailed outcome. Their outside, expert opinion will likely uncover potential issues that may have gone unnoticed through in house services. There are companies, such as For All Secure, that will undergo a thorough application security testing for you. At the end of testing, they will provide a detailed insight into any potential risks they encounter.

Resolve Any Crashes

Frequent crashes during app testing are common. Your app may have bugs that could prevent them from performing. Apps happening post-launch are dreaded, as bugs should be resolved during the testing stages. If a glitch goes unnoticed during testing, after a while, users will likely start complaining. Over time, a tiny flaw could become a big problem.

Help To Avoid Bottlenecks

Numerous small businesses are putting out their app on the market today. However, most of these small start-ups often have no more than people in their team. Once their app hits the market, if successful, they may find themselves with almost one million users trying to use the app. In today’s world, it is increasingly common for an app to be seen and interacted with by tens of thousands of people in a short space of time.

Due to this surge in interaction, many small businesses will find that their apps fail when 1,000 users sign on to use them. Many developers have little experience in scalability and are unaware of what performance testing would be.

Your app must undergo rigorous testing to help avoid issues, such as bottlenecks occurring. You can check to see what would happen if you had a thousand people using the app simultaneously, compared with just one. There are high chances that your app, especially in its early stages, could freeze with as little as five people using it simultaneously. The reason is due to the app expecting things to return from the server in a particular order. If they do not return in that set order, the app will not function properly. It will also cause the users to stop using the app.

The Bottom Line

Before the app launches, ensure that you have covered all bases. Included in this is performing and completing an effective testing process. One of the best ways to do this successfully is by seeking the expertise of a third-party company. Their expert level security testing will help to ensure that your app is secure and that your customers will be happy with the launched app.

Testing your app will be a lengthy process. However, it will help to prevent user problems from occurring. Following this process will eventually lead to good results.

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