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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Why so many people play slots online in the UK? – Business Quick Magazine

There is no doubt about it, online slots like Goonies Jackpot King are insanely popular in the UK. There are many reasons for this, with many more new players joining with each passing year.


One of the main reasons that people use online slots is the payouts that they offer. There is no question that there would be way fewer online slot players if there was no money on the line. This is because much of the excitement from the game comes from the tension of each spin, with players knowing that it could result in them winning a cash prize. This is also the reason why slot variations which are jackpot specific are incredibly popular too, players just love the element of chance that these games involve. There are also a variety of strategies that players can use when trying to trigger a payout, these can change the standard gameplay up, making it seem more fun. 

Bonus features 

The unique bonus features that players encounter are one of the main reasons why players keep coming back to online slot titles. Some of these bonuses can even increase the players expected payout! 

  • Bonuses such as jackpots, wheels and multipliers are all things that players lookout for when choosing an online slot. This is because they can increase the amount in a players prize pool, sometimes by a drastic amount!
  • Thanks to the unique technology that developers have at their disposal, there is a much higher amount of bonus features that can be placed into a slot game. Some titles cram as many as ten bonus features into their game! Although any more than that and players may start to get confused about how to use the game.
  • Bonuses can really enhance the players enjoyment of a game, it is not uncommon for a player to keep coming back to a slot title long after it has been released thanks to the unique bonuses the game has to offer. 


The playability of a slot game is one of the main reasons why people love them so much. There are many factors that go into the playability of a title. 

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