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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Why Communication Is So Powerful In The Age Of Remote Working + How To Improve Yours – Business Quick Magazine

Working from home was pretty uncommon before the pandemic and was a privilege only a few had.  Despite the working world returning to a state of somewhat normality, remote working has stayed a permanent fixture and the benefits of working from home is not something people want to lose. As the working world has developed, communication has become more powerful than it ever was and the ways in which we communicate have continued to progress. Having quality communication is essential for remote working, it is what makes remote work possible in the first place.

As a business that is operating remotely, you should always be looking for ways to improve communication within your workplace. This article will go over the importance of good communication within the age of remote working, and what steps you can take to improve it.

How Has Communication Changed?

The emergence of remote working has changed the way workers need to communicate with each other, as well as how customers and workers communicate with each other.  The switch to remote work was quite quick so not all businesses had an effective communication line for their company to operate on. But since it looks like remote work is here for good, (16% of companies in the world are now 100% remote), communication has become more powerful and an important business tool because it is what connects your company to the world. Good communication can set your company aside from others; it can be the reason a customer chooses to go with your business instead of your competitors, so it is important to adapt and improve communication lines.

Find A Communication Channel That Works For Your Customers

The rise of remote working has led to a boom in communication programmes. As a business, you should take the time to choose what communication platform works best for you and your customers. If your company prides itself on quality customer service, then find a programme that allows you to deliver the best service to your customers.

Horizon Contact is an example of a service that is focused on customer care, they work alongside businesses to create easier ways for customers to contact you. Making the most of technology is one of the easiest ways you can improve your communication while remote working. The tools are out there and ready to be used, so it is important to take the time to find the right ones that will benefit your company and improve overall communication.

Establish An Internal Line Of Communication Between Workers

Pre-covid, instant messaging platforms were not as commonly used in the workplace. If you wanted to ask your colleague a quick question you could just head to their desk and get a response straight away. Or, failing that, drop them an email and hope they pick it up. Remote working has created a need for all companies to have some form of a platform where colleagues can communicate with each other instantly. Some good examples are programmes such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Within both programmes, you can separate lines of the channel into sections so you could have professional chat in one and casual non-work-related chat in another. ‘Watercooler’ chat can give the same feeling of being in an office, casual banter or small talk can help workers to destress and break up the workday. Having a reliable open line of communication is so important as it helps to keep workers connected and can help reduce the feelings of isolation remote working can sometimes bring.

Have Regular Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings became extremely popular at the start of the pandemic, and they are an effective way to communicate while remote working. As remote work becomes a more permanent feature in the working world, businesses should encourage workers to continue engaging in virtual meetings. A survey on video conferences showed that 98% of respondents to the survey agreed that seeing their colleagues during virtual meetings increased productivity and helped with relationship-building. Scheduling weekly meetings can help create a routine within the remote workspace and having a routine can improve communication massively as it helps people organise their time.

As a company, improving communication should always be something you are looking out for. Regularly checking in with your employees can be helpful in finding out what works and what doesn’t. It opens a line of communication between you and your employees that shows you are receptive to advice and are there to hear their concerns.

Remote working is here to stay. Even with the world working its way back to a somewhat ’normal’ state, many businesses will stick with remote working. This means effective communication is crucial as it is the bridge that connects workers and customers and makes remote work possible.

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