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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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How to Raise Money for Non-profit Organizations in 2021 – Business Quick Magazine

There is nothing that makes us feel more wholesome inside as human beings than knowing we have done something selfless that will help out vulnerable people others in need. Non-profit organizations rely on the work and efforts of generous volunteers throughout the year who generate lots of money fundraising, and enable them to continue to run their organization and help people (or animals) out.

Whatever the cause may be, raising money for worthy charitable causes is always something that should always be lauded and praised, and we need people’s kindness and compassion towards others in society today more than ever.

We have come up with some ideas for ways you can raise money for non-profit organizations in 2021.

Use Online Fundraising Platforms to Help You Raise Money for Non-profits

You should definitely take advantage of the internet and use it as an essential tool to help you fundraise. The power of the internet means you will be able to connect with lots of people and inform your followers, subscribers, friends, and so on across your social media platforms about your fundraising efforts. You can jazz up the design of your fundraising web page and inform people about how and why you are deciding to raise money for a specific non-profit organization.

If you have a personal connection to a charity – such as a family member close to you being affected by a medical condition that this non-profit organization represents and provides support and assistance to – you may want to write about it and mention it in your online posts to give your supporters some more context about why you are raising money for that particular non-profit organization.

Are you looking to use a reliable people-centric online fundraising platform that allows you to easily connect with your supporters and the people deciding to donate to support your fundraising efforts for your non-profit organization of choice? Then Givebutter is the ideal fundraising platform for you and it’s free to use when you leave optional tips; if you don’t leave a donor tip then a small reasonable platform fee applies.

Put on Fun Fundraising Events That Grasp People’s Attention and Encourage Them to Donate

Get creative and think of some exciting ideas for fundraising events that you can host or participate in, where you encourage people to donate. Some ideas may include hosting a trivia night, a fancy-dress party with a silly theme, doing a long-distance run in a funny or silly outfit, to name just a few suggestions.

Do Something Ambitious to Push Your Body to the Limit and Show People How Dedicated You are

You may decide to really push yourself and take part in an extreme endurance exercise event that requires a lot of training and motivation to try and raise lots of money for a cause that you care a lot about. Taking part in ambitious physical fundraising events such as running a marathon, taking part in a triathlon, or hiking long distances through the desert, are some examples of how you can push your body to its limits to raise money for a non-profit charitable cause. Hopefully, your family and friends will have a great deal of admiration for your levels of dedication and end up donating a lot of money to help you in your fundraising efforts for your non-profit organization of choice.

Another extreme fundraising idea could be getting people to sponsor you to go bungee jumping. This fundraising activity will be a particularly impressive feat for anyone who’s usually afraid of heights.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, and when you know in your heart that you’re running to support a charitable organization that you really care about the deep inside.

Politely Encourage People to Donate to Your Cause

As well as putting posts across social media channels encouraging people to donate and support your cause, it’s also a good idea to look into other ways you can contact people to encourage them to give you donations.

Constructing politely phrased emails, text messages, and even putting leaflets through the letterboxes of the homes of people you know are some other ways to encourage people to provide you with donations that don’t involve using social media channels. In addition, if you bump into somebody you haven’t seen for a while in person when you’re out and about, why not politely slip in the fact that you are fundraising for a non-profit organization? You can then tell them all about what fun fundraising activity you’re doing next to raise money, and why the cause is so important to you.

For the most part, these were only a handful of ways that you can fundraise for your chosen charity; there are plenty of other methods out there. Whether you choose to use one of our suggestions here or one of your own, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavours!

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