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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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3 Reasons Why Desk Booking Is Rising In Modern Offices – Business Quick Magazine

The design of a modern office workspace is to encourage interactions that spark inspiration.

In today’s current climate, booking a desk allows a company to monitor how many employees are in the office at one time. Depending on the office size, some businesses might not have the space to accommodate their entire workforce. Allowing employees to book a desk means that they can limit the number of people in the office. Additionally, they can ensure that workspaces are cleaned and sanitised for another employee to use.

Aside from the benefits of desk booking, here are a few reasons why this unique system is becoming increasingly popular in modern offices.

Provide Power To Employees

Allowing employees to use a desk booking system will offer them a sense of control over their workload. In turn, it creates a positive working environment that encourages talented employees to stay. For the business, this keeps their retention rates high and turnover rates low.

Granting them the ability to manage where they work will help employees to feel more trusted. Employees that are trusted feel more valued and will help them feel more engaged in their work. For businesses to be successful, they need an engaged workforce. Having a happier and valued workforce will mean they are more likely to go the extra mile for their employees.

Utilising The Space

Consider how much of your employees’ time they spend at their desks. If you look at time spent working from home, meetings and lunch breaks, likely, they are not sat at their desk as often as you would have thought. Looking at all of the desks in the company, you can see how much of your workspace is unused.

Desk booking will allow you to keep better track of how people are using the desks. With this information, you can devise new plans to utilise the unused space in your office.

Help To Reduce Costs 

After seeing how much of your office space is left unused, you can see how much the empty spaces cost. Investing in desks, office chairs, computers and cables that will only be used occasionally, especially with people working from home, can be an unnecessary cost to the business.

Look into how much it costs the business to operate each unused workstation. With this total, you can see how much you could save and areas of the company to invest this money in. To help reduce costs, implement a desk booking system, such as Matrix Booking. It will reduce wasted costs by ensuring that you only have the desks that you need.

Desk booking systems offer businesses valuable insight into how the desks and workspaces in the office. Employers can use the information to find out when the need for desks is at its highest. They can also see which areas are the most booked and know what the average booking time is.  Combining this information, employers can plan and make data-driven decisions about the office layout and its future.

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